Born in 1995, the french pianist Coraline Parmentier makes a difference since 2015 with her musical diversity and humanitarian involvments. Classical-music educated, she starts piano at age 6 with Richard Langlois before joining her local Conservatory of Music in Rouen and being taught by Marie Antoinette Pictet and Ursula von Lerber. In 2013, at barely 18 years old, she moved near Switzerland to study at Geneva University of Music (HEM) with Sylviane Deferne where she gets a Bachelor Degree and two Master degrees in Concert Performance and Musical Pedagogy Education.

Her concert series “A suspended hour” was performed during Coraline’s early soloist public performances in France and Switzerland. The programs were originally focused on Latin America and Spain. But quickly, she took interest in the links between Andalucia and arabian music. She attended a Masterclass by famous aghan musician Homayun Sakhi, and so she started an eastern music project, which was the turning point for her career. The original project was a tribute to the Lebanese musician, national idol and referent Marcel Khalife (UNESCO Artist for Peace).

The crash-test concert took place in her hometown during early Autumn 2015, and the official inauguration was scheduled to November 14. But Paris terrorism attack happening just the night before, the concert and all the following ones were cancelled. Because of western people being suddenly very suspicious about arabian people, Coraline’s off-stage time was 5-months long. During this period, she started learning with the referents in Geneva : Islam history and Middle-East politics with Hafid Ouardiri, from Mutual Knowledge Foundation and Multi-Religions Platform ; Arabian literature with Alain Bittar (who created the reknown Olive Tree Bookshop (L’Olivier) and the Arabian & Mediteranean Cultural Center ; and oriental music concerts attendances with Laurent Aubert (founder of Geneva Ethnomusicology Center). Ultimately, she came back on stage during March 2016 and presented her arabian project including music and poetry, during Geneva’s Week Events Against Racism and Discriminations.

Also in March 2016, an unforgettable private meeting with Marcel Khalife took place during his Geneva journey, and it inspired her to travel in Lebanon the very same year with former lebanese immigrants and curious french citizens, who were all-members of Val Liban, a cultural association in Valence (Drôme). Coraline used to be their artistic spokeswoman for major events like East-West festival and the french-lebanese anniversary between Valence and Batroun. This lebanese trip, led by well-known history teacher Joseph Merchak, was eye-opening about many things including a post-war environment, and the way music is a healing process to local peoples’ suffering. Her project became more authentic by the end of the trip : after seeing positive reactions to audiences during her arabian concerts, she mixed improvisation, transcription and composition, alongside with explaining the historical contexts of the pieces, composers, and importants poems from Middle-East. With this, the audience learns a lot of content. The Canadian organization Peace Artists heard about Coraline’s Marcel Khalife music tribute, as they collaborated with him decades earlier. Coraline became part of the organization as International Peace Artist, and she was able to continue doing concerts with this status, still active years later.

This arabian project was impactful and successful : In 2016, Coraline was awarded by the «Commitment To Society» prize by the Ethics and Value Geneva Foundation. In 2017, she won the Public Peace Prize by Canadian organization Antennes de Paix, and soon after she was invited for a Canadian tour in Montreal during 2018 International Peace Week ; in 2019, she got the Baume & Mercier University prize for Intercultural sensibilisation by Geneva University of Music. She also was
nominated for French-African Youth Prize 35-35 in 2017, and for Geneva Youth Prize in 2018. She received a special cultural scolarship by Leenaards swiss Foundation in 2021, during her ultimate University graduation. With the founding, she learned Arabian drums for a year with lebanese specialist Habib Yammine, and she recorded in Canada her first Middle-East music project during summer 2022.

As an adopted child, Coraline is very sensitive to uprooting and she believes in the power of spiritual energy and artistic culture to understand our own origins. She was part of Young Unicef Ambassadors french program for many years; under this status she made several charity concerts in France and Switzerland for diverse humanitarian organizations. She was also a short-term teacher to refugee children and socially-disadvantaged children from Middle-East, North Africa and Latin America. It was the subject of her personal essay during her Pedagogy Degree about how music is contributing positively to children’s emotional growth. Teaching is still a big part in her life, as she’s a piano and improvisation teacher in Nyon (Switzerland). With her students from various ages, she takes the time to know their family origins, their musical tastes and their way to enjoy creativity, so they can play something they really like and want to practice for. Her educative offer is various : from classical to jazz, but also world music, traditional music, pop music, movie music.

Since 2019, Coraline is the titular pianist of Geneva International Mediterranean Ensemble (Diwan) conducted by Maestro Francis Biggi. They went to Samos in Greece for a full-week residency and concert about Barocco Italian music for the Schwarz Foundation. They also performed many times in Geneva, at St Boniface Center, Victoria Hall and Ella Fitzgerald Summer Stage for the Shawati project with Ensemble Vide (Antoine Marguier) and Bedouin Burger (Lynn Adib/Zeid Hamdan).

For 2023, Coraline joins the International Women Alliance to promote her new concert series: Women of Legend. Mixing music and poetry, these international programs are about various female composers and female authors from 20th century to nowadays.

Coraline’s lifegoal is to play classical music or traditional music from every world area and every social minorites, to understand the art and cultural history of people’s communities.